The Eyarth Rocks nature reserve is located a short distance away and is home to one of the richest butterfly sites in North Wales.

Eyarth Rocks forms part of the Craig-adwy-wynt site of special scientific interest, a larger area protected due to the scarce geological features found there, which are important for many specialist plants and invertebrates, especially butterflies.


Further information

The limestone pavement of this fine hilltop reserve is some of the best to be found in Wales. It is being carefully managed to sustain North Wales’ strongest populations of the threatened Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly.

Species to look out for


Notable plants

  • Mountain Melick
  • Moonwort
  • Hound’s-tongue
  • Greater Butterfly Orchid


The Eyarth Rocks reserve is part of Craig-adwy-wynt, one of the richest butterfly sites in North Wales;  32 of the 34 species known to occur in the region have been recorded on this limestone hill-top Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and most breed there.

The population of Pearl-bordered Fritillary has grown strongly since 2002 when BC bought and started managing the site. The limestone pavement flora is exceptional and the site provides magnificent views of the area.

Sheep are grazed on the reserve to help control the scrub growth and break up the bracken cover so that more violets can flourish for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary caterpillars to eat..

Area: 8.4 hectares